Haier LE32U500 32’’ LED Digital TV

  • USB Compatible
  • 2 HDMI
  • AVL-automatic Volume Leveller
  • Digital Video Broadcasting
  • Energy Saver and Eco-Friendly
  • E-Warranty of 2 Years
  • Built-In Receiver
  • DNR: Digital Noise Reduction Technology


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Enjoy an amazing viewing and listening experience with the Haier 32 inch Slim Digital TV LE32U500 Series. Featuring a sleek design + Full Bright Colors, the TV comes with the latest picture-enhancing technologies, combining sleekness and high-end technology,take you to a different experience


  • USB Compatible: Use your TV like a computer. Save your favourite clipson to a USB stick straight from your TV and scroll through saved photos, listen to saved music, and watch saved clips from other devices on your TV Screen as well.
  • 2 HDMI: Connect up to 2 HDMI-compatible devices at a time to your TV and effort lessly switch between your TV and your HDMI compatible game console. DVD Player, mobilephone, camera and so much more giving you that proper home theatre experience
  • AVL-automatic Volume Leveller: This feature makes sure that you don’t get sudden volume changes when switching from one channel to another or during a commercial breaks. Your TV is alert so you dont have to be.
  • Digital Video Broadcasting: Enjoy access tosatellite, cable andterrestrial programming with consistently clear audio and visual quality
  • Energy Saver and Eco-Friendly
  • DNR: Digital Noise Reduction Technology: Bulit-in digital noise reduction, processing technology optimizes the detail presentation of each pixel
  • Built-In Receiver 
  • E-Warranty of 2 Years




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