About Us


Our Cookers

Master your kitchen

  • Get cookers that fit your style and budget with Anke’s modern cookers.

Our Speakers

Immerse yourself in the sound

  • Bring new meaning to ‘music is food for the soul’  in your home. Nothing beats the great immersive ambiance that Anke’s sound systems deliver.  Enjoy rich, mellow and melodious sound from quality speakers such as JTC and Dreamsound.

Our TVs

Elevate your viewing experience

  • Elevate your in-home entertainment to a whole other level of
    pristine, crisp and clear images. Anke presents you with high-end TV
    brands such as  Haier, Royal, and Vastel, all of which are delicately
    priced to enhance affordability.

    Why we are different

    We deliver quality, innovation, and exclusive experiences through our products. Anke is structured to meet all your in-home dynamic needs with speed and agility, without compromising on your service experience. We’d love to hear from you.


    We are open to ideas that challenge conventional views and drive innovation.


    We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers.


    We strive to understand our customers and give them the best products